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Mexican Gray Wolf Nita (F1621)

Mexican Gray Wolf Nita (F1621)

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On May 22, 2017, Mexican gray wolf Belle gave birth to a litter of three pups - all females! This is the second litter born to mom and dad Rhett. With parents, newborns, and the pair’s three children born in 2016, the public had an opportunity to study the complex social structure of a multigenerational pack. Unbeknownst to the wolves, WCC webcams allow a global audience to observe their behavior 24/7. Mexican gray wolf Nita, named in honor of a dedicated champion for the loba’s wild kin, has been a spitfire from the start!

Friend ($25.00) – certificate of adoption, photo, wolf bio (Digital Only)
Sponsor ($55.00) – certificate of adoption, 8″x10″ photo, wolf bio & a stuffed toy
Guardian ($100.00) – certificate of adoption, 8″x10″ photo, wolf bio & a tote bag
Steward ($500.00) – certificate of adoption, 8″x10″ photo, wolf bio, a stuffed toy, tote bag & a hat

All adoption levels will also receive 1 year periodic email updates!

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